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Our Story

In January 2013 we heard the sweet words, "Congrats! It's a girl!" for the very first time. It didn't take long to realize that nothing will swell your heart more... or make money fly out of your wallet faster!


As a family of six, we get it! Quality clothing, shoes, gear, toys, and home goods, can be expensive, BUT... they don't have to be! We've gone through a LOT of goods over the years, and we've learned there just isn't a better or easier way than consignment. No matter the size of your budget, Sweet Repeats gives all families an easy way to turn your family's outgrown goods into cash, buy quality brands at great prices and (maybe our favorite)... DECLUTTER!

We're so glad you're here! Whether you're a first-timer or pro consignor, you'll fall in love with Sweet Repeats' super simple process – and even more with the money you'll earn and save!

Please contact us anytime with your questions, comments or suggestions, and be sure to get on our VIP List to keep in touch! We're here every step of the way to make your consigning and shopping experience easy and enjoyable!

We'll see you at the sale!

Sweet Repeats TO GO

Online June 30–July 2

Seller drop off: July 6

Shopper pick up: July 8

East Central Shelter

Sweet Repeats HURLEY

Fall 2023 dates coming soon!

East Central Shelter

Sweet Repeats LUCEDALE

Fall 2023 dates coming soon!

George County Fairgrounds

Click here for consigning info!

Photos by Kayla Rashelle Photography

& Kayce Stork Photography & Films

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