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Item Drop Off
💡 Pro Tips 💡

✅ Give clothing a quick sort by gender/size beforehand.

✅ For items larger than a shopping tote, bring tags unattached - you'll need one of our claim tags for those!

✅ Bring a rolling laundry bin or wagon if needed. It makes stocking your items so easy!


Be sure you've followed our Item Prep instructions so your items are drop off ready! Get pricing tips here.


🤔 What happens at Drop Off? 🤔

1️⃣ Bring your items inside. Grab a rolling rack if needed!

2️⃣ Stock your items in the appropriate areas. Our Crew will point you in the right direction! It's quick and easy, and you get a peek at the inventory!

3️⃣ Sign out at the front table, get your presale wristbands & be on your way!



Do I need an appointment to drop off my items?

In-person sales: No drop off appointment needed! Come anytime on Drop Off day.
Online sales: Make a Drop Off appointment in your seller account.

Can I make two trips?

Sure. You can make multiple trips, but know that your inventory will be locked at your first Drop Off. You won't be able to edit or add more items after that.

Can someone else drop off my items for me?

Absolutely! One person may drop off for multiple Consignor accounts.

See FAQs.

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