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Earn CA$H for your kids' outgrown clutter!

Did you know that our average consignor earns $300+ from each sale, just by clearing out the clothing, toys and gear, that their kids no longer use?!


What can I consign with Sweet Repeats?

Almost anything! Click the Accepted Items button above for the full list!

How much do I earn?

You keep up to 60-75% of your sales (without working shifts)! See the link in your seller registration email for details.

How many items can I consign?

We have no total quantity limits. Sell it ALL!

Can I consign all seasons of clothing?

Yes, BUT... In-season clothing always sells best. We recommend saving your time to tag items in the appropriate season. If you decided to sell out-of-season items, be sure they're marked at an EXCELLENT price.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! We do not charge any registration or consignor fees at all.

When do I get paid?

Your eCheck will be emailed to you within 7 business days after the close of each sale. Print it once and cash or deposit electronically at your bank of choice. Make sure you have provided us the correct email address in your Seller account!

Do I have to be present at an in-person sale?

No. Your items are dropped off, and we do the work for you. Monitor your sales online daily from your Seller account! (But you'll definitely want to come shop!)

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