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Seller FAQs


General Questions

Item Prep & Drop Off

The Crew



What can I sell at Sweet Repeats?

Almost anything! See our list of Accepted Items.

How many items can I enter, and when can I start?

Start entering items as soon as you register for an upcoming sale! We currently have no overall quantity limits. Sell it ALL!

What seasons are accepted?

For in-person sales, we strongly encourage entering season-specific items in their appropriate season (Thanksgiving/Christmas/heavy coats in fall; Easter/spring items in spring). All seasons are accepted in online sales.

How does Discount Day work?

All items marked Discount go to 50% off on the Sunday of each sale. For in-person sales, ALL unsold items not claimed during pick up hours go to 75% off on Monday night.

Do I have to be present at an in-person sale?

No. Your items are dropped off, and we do the work for you. Monitor your sales online daily from your Seller account! (But you'll definitely want to come shop!)

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! We do not charge any registration or consignor fees at all.

How much do I earn?

All consignors keep 60–80% of sales. No shifts required! Click the Seller Guide link in your registration email for details.

When do I get paid?

All consignors are paid by emailed eCheck within 7 business days of the close of each sale. Print your check from home or choose from other electronic deposit options. Make sure you have provided us the correct email address in your seller account!

Item Prep & Drop Off

How do I attach my tags?
For in-person salesclick here.
For online salesclick here.

My printer's down. What can I do?!

Consider having a friend print for you, or visit a local office supply store for super reasonable printing services.

Do I need a specific type of clothes hanger for in-person sales?

Adult wire hangers are our favorite for all sizes but are not mandatory. They maximize space on our racks and work great for all clothing sizes–even infant!

Do I get my hangers back after the sale?

No, each hanger is sold with the item. Inexpensive hangers can be found at Walmart, Target, or local dollar stores. Sometimes department stores will even give them away for free! It's also a great idea to save up hangers from new clothing purchases for consignment season.

Do I need an appointment to drop off my items?

For in-person sales, you do not need a drop off appointment.
For online sales, you mu
st make a drop off appointment in your seller account.

I have a lot of items! Can I make two trips?

Sure. You can make multiple trips if necessary.

Can someone else drop off my items for me?

Yes. Also, one person may drop off for multiple Consignor accounts. For online sales, be sure to reserve one drop off appointment per account.

After the sale, can someone else pick up my unsold items that I don't want to donate?

Sure! They'll need to provide your Seller ID# at pick up.

What if I don't pick up my unsold items?

Items not retrieved on pick up day will be promptly donated to one of our local charity partners. Sweet Repeats does not retain any unsold inventory.

The Crew

Are Crew shifts required for consignors?

No. The Crew is optional for consignors.

Why should I work on The Crew?

Crew Members shop before other consignors AND earn $30 per four-hour shift! You may choose to be paid by shopping credit or eCheck.

How can I apply for the Crew?

Click the link in your seller reservation email to apply for a Crew shift. We'll contact you prior to the next sale if we have shifts available for you.

What can I expect during my shift?

Shifts are only 4 hours and may involve event setup, stocking, shopper greeting, checkout, sorting or breakdown. Wear comfy shoes! Clock in and out of your shift from your phone at the sale location. Water and a light snack are provided.

Can I stock my own items during my shift?

If working on drop off day, you may bring your items that day, but you must stock them before or after after your shift.

Can I shop during my shift?

No, shopping is not permitted during Crew shifts. Be sure to schedule Crew shifts before or after your assigned presale time.

Can I have someone work a Crew shift in my place?

Substitute workers are not permitted.

Other questions? Contact us!

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