All the FAQs


What can I consign with Sweet Repeats?

Literally anything kid-related – clothing, shoes, furniture, baby gear, toys, games, sports gear, bedding, room decor – you name it! View our What to Consign section for more ideas!

How many items can I consign?

Currently, there are no item quantity limits or seasonal clothing restrictions. Bring it ALL!

How much do I earn?

All consignors earn at least 60% of items sold, with NO consignor fees! Those who sign up with The Crew earn an additional 5% per 3-hour shift up to 80%!

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! We do not charge any fees at all, except for consignors opting to use Valet Tagging.

When do I get paid?

Fast! Checks are ready on Pickup Day, or we'll snail mail yours to you at no charge!

Do I have to work on The Crew to consign?

No. The Crew is completely optional and is not required for consigning. Only work if you like extra commission!

Do I have to be present at Market?

No. Your items are dropped off, and we do the work for you. Monitor your sales online daily from your Seller account! (But you'll definitely want to come shop!)

What is a Super Seller?

Super Sellers shop Discount Days ONE DAY EARLY and receive a FREE Sweet Repeats t-shirt (distributed on Pick Up Day)! They are also eligible for all other Seller and Crew perks! Meet the following criteria to qualify as a Super Seller:​

  • Consign 100 items or more (100 tags).

  • Select Discount and Donate on all items.

  • Work four Crew shifts.

The Crew

What are the perks of joining The Crew?

Crew Members earn an additional 5% for every 3-hour shift up to 80%, AND shop before ANYONE else! What are you waiting for?!

I'm super busy. Can I have someone work a Crew shift in my place?

Absolutely! Send a hubby, parent, grandparent, other family member or friend, who is 18 or older to work for you, and you get the extra 5% per shift! They must scan in to all shift(s) using your Crew Member code and adhere to our Crew Member contract.

Who can sign up for The Crew?

The Crew is reserved for Consignors who consign 10 items or more.

What can I expect during my shifts?

You bring yourself. We bring the fun! Shifts are only 3 hours and may involve anything from event set up to item receiving, organizing, greeting, checkout, to breakdown. Scan in and out of your shift from your phone! Sign up for the shifts that suit you under Crew Member in your Seller account!

What should I bring to my shifts?

Wear comfy shoes! Water and a light snack will be provided. If your shift falls during a normal meal time, feel free to pack a lunch or dinner of your choice.

Can I schedule my item Drop Off during my Crew shift?

Of course. No need to make two trips!

Can I shop during my shifts?

Crew Members may shop during your assigned pre-sale and during any shift after that!

Do I have to work on The Crew to consign?

No. The Crew is completely optional and is not required for consigning. Only work if you like extra commission!


What supplies do I need for Self-Service tagging?

It depends on what sort of items you're tagging, but most consignors will need white card stock, clothes hangers, safety pins (or tagging gun), ziplocks and packing tape.

My printer's down. What can I do?!

Consider having a friend print for you, or visit a local office supply store for super reasonable printing services.

How do I attach my item tags?

Visit our How to Attach Tags page for easy instructions.

How many items can I tag?

As many as you'd like! We don't currently have any item quantity limits or seasonal restrictions.

Drop Off

What can I expect during Drop Off?

Drop Off is a quick process where you'll bring your tagged items (untagged for Valet consignors) to the East Central Community Center (or Off-Site Drop Off location). A Crew member will verify your information, briefly check to be sure all items align with The Sweet Repeats Quality Promise, assist you in stocking your items and you'll be on your way!

When do I drop off items for Valet Tagging?

Make your Valet Tagging reservation and select your Valet Drop Off time here.

Can I drop off large items early?

Of course! Bring large tagged items (such as furniture, play houses, play kitchens, etc) during any of our drop off days. We just ask that you stick with your scheduled Drop Off time for all other items.

Can someone else drop off my items for me?

Absolutely! One person may drop off for multiple Seller IDs, but we ask that each ID reserve a Drop Off time in your Seller account.

Pick Up

Can someone else pick up my commission check for me?

Sure! Give us their name at Drop Off, and have them bring a valid ID to Pick Up!

What happens to an unsold item?

That's up to you! When entering items you can select to donate each unsold item to a local charity, or you can retrieve them on Pick Up Day. If you choose to pick up any unsold items, all tag info remains in our inventory for 18 months, and those items can be consigned at the next Market!

What if I'm not available or forget about Pick Up Day?

No worries! We'll snail mail your check to you at no charge. Unsold items, if not picked up on Pick Up Day, will be donated to a local charity.

Still have questions? Contact us here anytime!