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How to enter your
online items!

🍦 KEEP 70% OF YOUR SALES by (1) marking ALL items DISCOUNT for half off day, AND (2) having no item issues such as unavailable sold items, stains, holes, excessive wear or nonworking batteries. QUALITY IS EVERYTHING!




🍦 PRO TIP! For brand new items, put NWT or NWOT in the description so it will be listed in our New & Unused section!

🍦 BUNDLE, BUNDLE, BUNDLE! Smaller, inexpensive items like books, socks, small toys and accessories, are best sold in BUNDLES for our minimum price of $2.

🍦 USE GOOD LIGHTING on a neutral background for item photos. Avoid using "live" iPhone photos. Portrait (upright) photos work best!


🍦 SELLING A BRAND NEW ITEM? Put NWT somewhere in the description. We have a special section for these!


🍦 TRANSFERRING ITEMS FROM A PREVIOUS SALE? You may transfer an unsold item only once from one sale to another.

Only tag what sells!


🔖 Tagging Supplies 🔖

Most supplies can be found at Walmart, Target or any dollar store! Some supplies may be optional, depending on what you're tagging.

🖨 Printing Reminders 🖨

  • Tags are printed from your Settlement Report in your seller account.

  • All tags must be printed on Avery 8163 labels or white card stock.

  • Regular paper or colors other than white cannot be accepted.

🚘 Car Seats 🚘

If selling a car seat, complete this quick form when you enter it in your seller account.

🛏 Large Items 🛋


Adhere tag in the most visible place on the item. Use painter's tape on finished wood or other delicate surfaces.

👚 Clothing 👖

ROLL clothing items individually so that they are tight, and secure with a rubber band. Adhere Avery tag under the rubber band, or secure card stock tag with safety pins or tagging gun. Be sure that the barcode is clearly visible.

👟 Shoes 🩰

Fasten pairs together with zip ties. Adhere Avery tag to the sole, or hole punch card stock tag and feed zip tie through before fastening. As of spring 2023 shoes in ziplocks will no longer be accepted. For flats or boots with no place for zip tie, use a rubber band to secure together.

🚂 Toys, Puzzles & Games 🧩


Place small parts in ziplock and secure outside or inside. This allows buyers to see that all parts are accounted for. Always include working batteries or necessary power cord. Otherwise buyers won't know your item works properly, and the item may be rejected at order pick up.

📚 Books 📚

Use painter's tape to attach tag to avoid damaging the cover, or place in ziplock with tag attached to outside, not floating inside.


🛑 Always avoid: 🛑

👎🏼 Printing tags on anything other than Avery 8163 labels or white card stock.

👎🏼 Copying tags after printing. Each barcode is unique!

👎🏼 Using a tagging gun outside a seam.

👎🏼 Leaving a tag floating in a ziplock. Always tape to outside.

👎🏼 Bringing items without batteries or power cord.

Questions? See our FAQs.

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