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How to prep your items!

☀️ QUALITY IS EVERYTHING! Choose items without stains, odors, excessive wear or broken/missing parts. Items will be inspected to be sure they meet our shoppers' standards. See our long list of accepted items.






☀️ MARK DISCOUNT for an item to go 50% OFF on Monday of the sale (Sunday for Consignors and some presale ticket holders).


☀️ MARK DISCOUNT + DONATE for an item to go 75% OFF during the last two hours on Monday.


☀️ TRANSFERRING ITEMS FROM A PREVIOUS SALE? You may transfer an unsold item only once from one sale to another. Unsold items transferred more than once may be subject to automatic donation as we have limited sales floor space.

☀️ BRING YOUR TAGGED ITEMS to Drop Off day! You'll stock your items in the appropriate areas. It's quick and easy! See your registration email for your date and time.

☀️ UNSOLD ITEMS not retrieved on Pickup Day are promptly donated to one of our local charity partners.




All supplies can be found at Walmart, Target or any dollar store! Some supplies may be optional, depending on what you're tagging.

  • White card stock for printing tags

  • Clothes hangers

  • Safety pins or tagging gun like this one (Makes tagging clothing so fast and easy!)

  • Zip ties

  • Ziplocks

  • Rubber bands

  • Packing tape

  • Painter's tape (for tagging books or other paper items)





For items larger than a shopping tote bring tags unattached to Drop Off. You will be given a claim ticket to attach these tags.


Always include working batteries or necessary power cord. Otherwise shoppers won't know your item works properly, and it will be unsellable.



If selling a car seat complete this quick form before you arrive on Drop Off day.




Place on hangers with the hook opening facing left like a question mark(?). Fasten tags with a safety pin or tagging gun on the upper-right-hand side when looking at the item. Place small multi-piece sets (socks, bows, etc) in ziplock with tag taped to outside, not floating inside.



Fasten pairs together with zip ties. Hole punch tag and feed zip tie through before fastening. As of spring 2023 shoes in ziplocks will no longer be accepted. For flats or boots with no place for zip tie, use a rubber band to secure together.



Place small parts in ziplock and secure outside or inside. This allows shoppers to see that all parts are accounted for without risk of losing pieces. Always include working batteries or necessary power cord, otherwise shoppers won't know your item works properly, and it will be unsellable.


Use painter's tape for tagging to avoid damaging the cover, or place in ziplocks with tag taped to outside, not floating inside.



🛑 Always avoid: 🛑

👎🏼 Printing on paper other than white card stock.

👎🏼 Copying tags after printing. Barcodes are unique!

👎🏼 Using a tagging gun outside a seam. Under the sleeve is perfect!

👎🏼 Leaving a tag floating in a ziplock. Always tape to outside.

👎🏼 Using ziplocks without taping over opening.

👎🏼 Bringing items without batteries or power cord.




What supplies do I need to tag my items?

It depends on what items you're tagging, but most consignors will need white card stock, clothes hangers, safety pins or tagging gun, ziplocks, rubber bands, painter's tape and packing tape.

Am I required to use a specific type of clothes hanger?

We do not require any specific hanger type, but adult wire hangers are our fav for consigning! They maximize space on our racks and work great for all clothing sizes.

Do I get my hangers back after the sale?

No, each hanger is sold with the item. Hangers are inexpensive and can be found at Walmart, Target, or local dollar stores. Sometimes department stores will even give them away for free! It's also a great idea to save up hangers from new clothing purchases for consigning.

My printer's down. What can I do?!

Consider having a friend print for you, or visit a local office supply store for super reasonable printing services.

How do I attach my item tags?

Visit the how-to videos above for easy instructions.

How many items can I tag?

As many as you'd like! We don't currently have any item quantity limits or seasonal restrictions.

See all FAQs.

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